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Background Screening Steps that Can Lower the Risk of Bad Hire

Never judge a candidate by their resume. Going deeper than what you see in a candidate’s resume is becoming more and more crucial as the competition in the job market gets fiercer. Candidates resort to practices such as embellishing or misrepresenting facts in order to appear attractive to recruiters. Some trained recruiters might spot such details, but many of these…

Why Employee Background Checks are So Important

“Never judge a book by its cover.” This saying is most fitting when considering a candidate for an open position. When it comes to hiring an employee, surfacing deeper than just face value becomes important.
Before choosing an applicant for your firm, it is crucial to conduct employee background checks. In the highly competitive job market, individuals are more likely to…

The Dos and Don’ts of Employee Background Screening Part I

Employment background checks are an essential part of the recruiting process for all new job candidates and an effective way to keep your workplace safe. Here are some tips to help ensure your employee background screening solution is an effective and reliable tool:
Do not use a national criminal database search as the primary criminal records check on an applicant.
Because a…