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How Can Collaborative Hiring Help You Make Better Decisions?

Collaborative hiring, also known as team-based hiring, gets the entire team involved in hiring decisions. Traditionally, the hiring process has been conducted by only managers. However, innovative firms such as Google, Facebook, and Apple have proven that collaborative hiring has led to better productivity and growth. Keeping collaboration in mind, many organizations have also embraced transparency, group based objective setting,…

How to Streamline Your Online Job Application

In today’s talent-driven economy, highly-qualified candidates have multiple job options and now are as capable of rejecting you, as you are of rejecting them.

Part of hiring smart means having a streamlined application process that will attract qualified candidates. It’s worth the time to design a simple and effective online job application process that persuades the best talent to complete an…

Step-by-Step Guide for Screening Employees

Background screening solutions reduce the risk of a bad hire and ensure that a business successfully counters a range of threats, including fraud, terrorism, and reputational risk. Pre-employment screening also ensures that you confirm the identity of your employees before hiring, helping you to make smart hiring decisions every time.

How to make sure you have hired the right person

Whether you…